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Diffraction mirror - basic mount

This is a quality diffraction mirror with basic attachment bracket. It is used for creating "starburst" effect, which splits a...

Size: 150 x 150mm

Diffraction mirror - fine adjustable mount

This is a quality diffraction mirror with fine adjustment attachment bracket. The special spring-loaded tilt mechanism allows...

Size: 150 x 150mm

Water Screen - shield

Water discharged under high pressure through this device forms a half-spherical wall of water which is great projection...

Pump requirements: 1500 litres per minute @ 10 bar
Connector type: B

Water screen - curtain

This water screen with 3 nozzle line creates fantastic rear projection surface for laser graphic shows. It is suitable for...

Length of single segment: 3m
Number of nozzle lines: 3
Number of nozzles: approx. 1000

Unique 2.1 hazer

This Unique 2.1 haze machine is great little 1.5kW hard worker. It produces very fine haze that hangs in the air for much...

Max. output: 1.5kW
Control: Manual or DMX
Run-time: up to 50 hours continuously using only 2 litres of fluid

Unique haze fluid 10L

High quality water based fliud for Unique 2.1 hazer.

Information about new CLP regulations (valid from 01.06.2015) and Unique...

Content: 10 litres